About A Band Called Truman

A Band Called Truman of Duluth, MN rocks original songs and covers from a range of artists, from The Band to Toots and the Maytals to Lake Street Dive.

Fronted by Leon Rohrbaugh Jr., and backed by a sizzling three-piece horn section, Truman kicks out a mix of rock, R&B, punk, pop and more with an uptempo, high-energy vibe.

See “Hire Truman!” for information about booking shows — we’re a big group and we bring the party!


Leon Rohrbaugh has been rocking the stage since he was a 6-1, 139-pound punk rocker way down in Mankato (in other words, since age 6). Leon started out as a punk rock drummer (with a soft spot for The Band — this is as weird as it sounds) but later found out it’s more fun to be up front with a guitar. Upon landing in Duluth in mid-1990-something, he proceeded to play open mic nights, work at the Brew House, become an electrician, start Better World Builders and have an awesome family, all the while joining / forming bands Ballyhoo, 4 Lbs. of Pretzels, Gild, Giljunko, Hobo Alley, Sloe Loris, My Friend Stu), writing writing and writing songs as easily as you and I breathe. We are jealous.

Christopher Modec-Halverson has rocked Duluth’s mean streets since he was a wee’un. A musical savant who currently plays bass, Chris is in or has been in numerous bands including Big Science, Bratwurst, Verona, Mighty Shock Tower, 4 Lbs. of Pretzels, maybe Gild (or was it Giljunko), Terra Nova 5 … and Truman. Twice. . Moving on ….

Tom Wilkowske (Purple Lightning, StinkMop, NorthernSky, Ballyhoo, Bare Common, Hobo Alley, Clear) plays guitar, sings backup vocals, and obsesses about Eau de Pamplemousse.

Jim Pospisil  plays  horn for the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and is a classically trained pianist.  We kid you not. He plays keyboards, arranges and sings in Truman. Jim is also music/choir director at Peace Church. As if Leon didn’t provide enough intensity for one band, Jim brings even more. It’s all good.

Jessica Lilja Olson is an environmental engineer by day, trumpet player extraordinaire, musical idea person and a one-person Cake advocacy group by night. She wants more Cake. And I want a girl in a short skirt and a long … jacket ….

Dale Shimmin plays trombone in the Big Time Jazz Orchestra and assorted other ensembles in addition to his Truman duties. A retired schoolteacher, Dale is usually the coolest cat in the room. None of our teachers were ever as cool as Dale.

Bradley Bombardier is a local composer, arranger and saxophonist who plays in the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and other ensembles. At ease in numerous musical idioms, Brad can rip off a face-melting tenor sax solo in the middle of a rock song as easily as he plays low-down bari sax riffs a la Mowtown. And he agreed to be in Truman.

Ian Connell, the drummer, is yet another real musician — he even majored in drums in college! He works as a music therapist for hospice patients in the day (mostly with his guitar).


A.B.C. Truman