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We love our new practice space

Our new practice/studio space rocks.

We’ve had two practices so far, one that went too late (sorry neighbor lady), and the other that ended at an early 10 p.m.

Interesting story: the first night, one of Duluth’s finest was dispatched to our vicinity to investigate a noise complaint. He really couldn’t hear anything and, after investigating for 10 minutes, was considering leaving, when he noticed the lights on at Leon’s garage. He knocked on the door and was surprised to see Leon poke his head down from the ladder stairway. Leon invited him up to check out the space and he was impressed.

That’s ’cause we kick back in a heavily insulated, double-sheetrocked, chillout loft space. Walls painted cool shades of blue with white trim, rugs, mood lighting, comfy chairs and Lava lamps. Best of all, our gear is all set up and ready to go when it’s time to rehearse.

Come see us some time — or check back at the site for some pix, vids or even a live feed some day.

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Duluth’s best new free rock music band just might be Truman

Duluth's finest rock band ever, A Band Called Truman

These four, Chris Modec-Halverson (left), Kelly Lussier, Leon Rohrbaugh and Tom Wilkowske, are A Band Called Truman.

Once there was a band of musical brothers from Duluth, Minn., USA, World, who strove to do rock music in a way cool, familiar, yet unique — who vowed not to settle anymore, yet still somehow have fun themselves and deliver the phun to the masses.

They were brave new men all, brave free and true — True Men. Truman. Hey that’d be a good band name!

Alas, the domain name was taken. So (A Band Called) Truman it was.

Leon Rohrbaugh has been rocking the stage since he was a 6-2, 139-pound punk rocker way down in Mankato (in other words, since age 6). Leon started out as a punk rock drummer (with a soft spot for The Band — this is as weird as it sounds) but later found out it’s more fun to be up front with a guitar. Upon landing in Duluth in mid-1990-something, he proceeded to play open mic nights, work at the Brew House, become an electrician, start Better World Builders and have an awesome family, all the while joining / forming bands (Giljunko, Groundskeeper Willie, Ballyhoo, Hobo Alley, Sloe Loris), writing writing and writing songs as easily as you and I breathe. We are jealous.

Chris Modec-Halverson  is a native Duluther, steeped in the rock traditions of a) the world in general, and b) this misty morning steel gray town. A kick-ass bass player and music afficionado in the best sense of the word, Chris has played in bands as varied and storied as Verona, Mighty Shock Tower, High Volt Rustler, Sloe Loris and numerous others. Pluse he has great stories about working at the Fender (as in guitars) factory in Texas and pretending to be busy when Yngwie Malmsteen dropped by.

Kelly Lussier, hailing from a part of northern Minnesota where they name towns after wild fruit, joined Truman as a metal-centric drummer but we are slowly, surely corrupting him and bringing out his inner jamming beast. (He does use a double kick pedal — at least he doesn’t have double kick drums). He likes to undermine practicing of actual songs with side jams that turn into new songs, or not. This is good.

Tom Wilkowske plays lead and rhythm guitars, sings backup vocals, fusses with tone, writes the occasional song, and acts like a know-it-all regarding chords and arrangements, occasionally admiting at the following practice that he was wrong at the previous practice.

We have a lot of fun playing and we hope you’ll come out to one of our shows soon. Peace.

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