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Like #DuluthMusic? Come to a very special Truman show tonight @RedHerring

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Join us tonight as we break in the┬áRed Herring stage, Truman-style, bid drummer extraordinaire Kelly Lussier a fond farewell and make newcomers scratch their heads and say …

“what the hell just happened?”

Our friends Hog Rooster from Walker, Minn., will start the show at 9 p.m. and Truman takes the stage around 10. After we’re done (depending on how fast we play our songs), the Zombie Pit String Band takes over. We hear they do some grisly Ungrateful Undead covers … (jk)

We are excited. How excited? This top secret inter-band email exchange, from last night and early today, captures it well:

Leon Raba
Attachments8:06 PM (16 hours ago)

Here is the revised set list for tomorrow night.
I like this one.
See you tomorrow!

Tom Wilkowske
10:05 PM (14 hours ago)

This is the best set list ever in the history of music and musicdom!

Thanks Leon!

Leon Rohrbaugh
9:41 AM (2 hours ago)

It was Jess’s set list. She’s in charge from now on.

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That’s great!

Now, does anyone know if Jess’ set lists are flexible and moldable like a soft, clay, work of art? Leon’s set lists are soft and moldable. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Jessica Olson
11:14 AM (1 hour ago)

Immobile. Like concrete. No deviations permitted.

What will the set list be? Will it be moved? What will happen? The only way to find out is to come out … tonight …

Oh, and if you want, here’s a little playlist of Truman tunes to get you in the mood ..

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