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DNT’s beautiful, talented Christa Lawler profiles Truman

It was only a matter of time before DNT tastemaker Christa Lawler caught the stylin’ sounds of A Band Called Truman.

Only a matter of time.

In her front-page essay today, she succinctly, brilliantly captures the essence of Truman’s “mid-1980s Minneapolis rock sound”.

Some in the band might quibble with that description, but the truth is, musicians are notoriously bad at describing their sound. They tend to get all cryptic, Artist-with-a-Capital-A on you, or they get snarky or outright obstreperous when pressed.

Sometimes it’s best not to press — better to let the music do the talkin’.

So come to our gig tonight and let r music speak 2 u (there’s that Minneapolis sound thing creeping up again)

Also we want to make an album but we need someone to run the machines so we can play the music — someone who can also lend a healthy, informed perspective to what we’re doing.

Meanwhile, isn’t Christa Lawler awesome?


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