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Homegrown Music Festival ticket prices – yeah #HGMF16 go Truman!

So what’s the deal with Homegrown Music Festival ticket prices as it relates to Truman, you ask?

In past years, you haven’t needed a Homegrown wristband/ticket to see Truman. You will this year.

So here’s a quick ticket breakdown if you can’t remember from last year, if you have out-of-town guests who are wondering about tickets, etc.

Homegrown tickets, explained

(By the way — please feel free to share this post around — the ticket sitch is not well explained in the Homegrown Field Guide (see the pic?) — or on the website).

• Wristband pre-sales have ended — you can buy them at the door of the venues that charge.

• A $30 wristband gets you into everything all week long — all paid events Monday through Saturday including the main room shows at Clyde Iron Wednesday featuring Low as well as the Friday-Saturday, 20-venue, god-knows-how-many (maybe 80?) band blitzkrieg.

• Weekday-only (Monday-Thursday) wristbands are $10. This includes yours Truman. That’s for Monday-Thursday, EXCEPT for the Clyde Iron mainroom on Wednesday, where you need the $30 wristband. Because Low.

• Friday-only or Saturday-only wristbands are $20.

• Most of the non-bar venues — straight-up restaurants, art galleries, coffee joints, etc. are all ages and many of them are free (especially during the daytime).

The Duluth News Tribune’s arts reporter Christa Lawler also has a great Homegrown overview of other info you will find useful as you gird your loins for #HGMF16.


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