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We love our new practice space

Our new practice/studio space rocks.

We’ve had two practices so far, one that went too late (sorry neighbor lady), and the other that ended at an early 10 p.m.

Interesting story: the first night, one of Duluth’s finest was dispatched to our vicinity to investigate a noise complaint. He really couldn’t hear anything and, after investigating for 10 minutes, was considering leaving, when he noticed the lights on at Leon’s garage. He knocked on the door and was surprised to see Leon poke his head down from the ladder stairway. Leon invited him up to check out the space and he was impressed.

That’s ’cause we kick back in a heavily insulated, double-sheetrocked, chillout loft space. Walls painted cool shades of blue with white trim, rugs, mood lighting, comfy chairs and Lava lamps. Best of all, our gear is all set up and ready to go when it’s time to rehearse.

Come see us some time — or check back at the site for some pix, vids or even a live feed some day.


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